Custom Ponies

I no longer make custom ponies, but when I did, it was either when an idea struck me as particularly fun or on request. Most of my ponies have been gifts or commissions (mostly by friends). I've included the name of each pony along with a brief note to explain their origins. The pictures are mostly ordered by theme, and to some degree by the date the ponies were finished.

I should make two disclaimers here for anyone browsing these images:

► Some of these ponies aren't particularly good. Either the execution was off or my skills didn't live up to what I had imagined. The creation of many of these ponies was a learning experience for me, so even if they didn't all come out well, I think they were worth making in the end.

► Some of these images are of quite poor quality. I am terrible at taking good pictures. Many of these are blurry, partly because I'm bad at it, and partly because I no longer have the original, high resolution images. Since most of these ponies aren't in my possession anymore, I can't retake the pictures, so I've made do with the images I still had.

I hope you enjoy the pictures nonetheless!